THE GARDEN | Kari Jobe

When you’re coming from a season that seems like a forty-year journey in the wilderness, a lush garden is more than a welcome sight. This is precisely what Kari Jobe’s new album is like… a refreshing space filled with the beautiful promise of God’s faithfulness. So go ahead, soak yourself in this album and be lovingly reminded that He is at work in every season.

Sounds like… gentle drops of spring rain

Makes me want to… cuddle up with a fluffy blanket as I sit by the window and read my bible

With lyrics like…

The sound that shakes the heavens
The whisper on the wind
Breaks my inhibitions and settles me within
The mystery, You’re closer than my skin
Your still, small voice moving me again

In my favorite tracks such as… Speak To Me, I Will Sing, Let Your Glory Fall


‘The Garden’ is available on iTunes and Spotify.

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TELL ALL MY FRIENDS | Will Reagan & United Pursuit

Hearfelt and honest. These are two words I’d use to describe this album. The lyrics do not shy away from bringing any listener to a place of vulnerability before God—baring honest thoughts and emotions. The musical arrangement, on the other hand, has very soulful vibe to it. It’s uncomplicated, much like the lyrics that go with it.

Sounds like… something I’d listen to while reflecting inside a moving vehicle

Makes me want to… sing along or hum quietly as I write on my journal

With lyrics like…

I’m not in a hurry when it comes to Your spirit

When it comes to Your presence, when it comes to Your voice

I’m learning to listen, just to rest in Your nearness 

I’m starting to notice You are speaking 

In my favorite tracks such as… Not In A Hurry, Let You Go, Speak to the Silence


‘Tell All My Friends’ is available on iTunes and Spotify.

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PLAYLIST | Fresh Fire

Even with just a few days left in January, the excitement of this new year can still be felt. There’s something about the new year that brings a new sense of hope in one’s life. Whether you’re coming from a season of joyful triumph or tiresome battle, we all need God’s spirit to recalibrate us and refresh us.

Here are five songs to set your mood in worship, in anticipation and ardent desire for fresh fire from heaven:

Fill This Place | Red Rocks Worship

Let’s kick off this playlist with this track—an invitation, a request, a plead, for the Spirit of God to be in the midst of worship.

Fullness | Elevation Worship

Starting with the same theme of inviting the presence of the Holy Spirit, the song rises in climax with a declaration of revival.

Fall Afresh | Kari Jobe

With the first line of the chorus professing “it’s the power of Your presence that changes us,” you’ll want to soak in this song longer.

Holy Spirit / Set A Fire | Sarah Reeves

This cover hits two great songs that stir up a desperate longing for the Holy Spirit to dwell within us and set our hearts ablaze.

Spirit Move | Bethel Music (feat. Kalley Heiligenthal)

Indeed, when the Spirit of God moves, we can’t help but be transformed and transfixed to know Him more and love Him more.


It’s December y’all!!! A couple more days and it’s Christmas, then it’s the countdown to the new year. I’m sure a lot of you guys are getting pretty busy with all the parties, reunions, and gift shopping. But before you get all too hectic and wrapped up on that, I hope you’ll take your time reflecting on what your year has been. I think it also serves as a good exercise on counting our blessings.

Earlier this month, I met up with two groups of ladies that I’ve known for years. One of the traditions I’d like to have as we celebrate our Christmas party is to give out pieces of paper where they can reflect on the year that was and the year to come. I’ve had a couple of people asking about them after I posted pictures on Facebook and Instagram, so I decided to put them up here on the blog as well.

The forms are print-ready on letter size paper (8.5 x 11 in.) so make sure your paper is of the same size to ensure quality. Once printed, cut along the dotted lines on the form to get the individual pieces. I have two versions for your to choose from: the colored blocks version like the one below, and the black & white version. For the black & white version, you can print it on colored paper to save on ink. I printed mine on pastel-colored ones to go with our party theme, then tucked them neatly inside a notebook which also served as a gift.


For the 2016 part, I gave it the title ‘grateful and blessed’ to remind us that at the end of the day, we are exactly that. There are three boxes to fill out: moments enjoyed, challenges faced, and lessons learned. Personally, I find it kind of therapeutic to  go through this by month just so I don’t forget anything.


For 2017, I put ‘immeasurably more’ in reference to Ephesians 3:20 as a reminder that despite all of our goals and plans, we have a God who can do immeasurably more than we ask or imagine. In it are three boxes to write things that we would like to be in faith for the coming year. It’s divided in three areas: personal growth, family goals, and ministry opportunities.

Click on the links below to download the free printables. Oh, and remember that these are for personal use only and not for commercial use. Thanks guys!😊

Jaswritten Year End Printable (Black & White)

Jaswritten Year End Printable (Color Blocks)

And here’s a bonus for you! A simplified version I used with my campus life group.

Jaswritten Year End Printable (Simplified)


Impeccable timing, I’d say, to have my set of playlists updated. I usually feature one new album per post, but I decided to make an exception this time. Why? Because there’s just so much of them, and I’m too excited not to post them all at once. So here you go guys and gals, six new releases to make your ears and souls exceedingly glad:

Campfire II: Simplicity | Rend Collective

A worship coachella-ish session around the campfire looks and sounds so much fun, I want to teleport myself there! Their exciting folk harmony is like a hearty meal your grandmother serves for weekend brunch: it fills you up and makes you feel alive. It’s a great album to take on your faith-boosting, promise-claiming season.

Overflow | Planetshakers

With most of its songs filled with upbeat sounds, this album is positively a pick-me-upper. Its youthful vibe also resonates the reminiscent excitement of a new believer. Hit the play button on this one to echo that uninhibited and earnest desire to be filled by His presence.

Speak Revival | Elevation Worship

The album title itself is a give away on what it’s all about. Its three tracks serve as a declaration of faith, renewal, and victory. It sets its lens on who God is, with every song hinged on His power and goodness to bring revival. So go on, put this album on repeat as you soak yourself in prayer.

Looking for a Savior | United Pursuit

Calming and soothing. Heartfelt and poetic. The way the music complements the lyrics in this album creates a sense of intimacy—between the one listening to the songs and the One the songs are about. Set this one ready by your bedside to cap off your night with thoughts fixed on Jesus.

Doxology | Every Nation Music

Don’t let the title intimidate you. The word doxology simply means an expression of praise to God. Indeed, this is what this album delivers: songs that give Him praise and exalt His glory. It makes a fine soundtrack as you go through your day whether at work or at home, setting an atmosphere of worship in all that you do.

Let There Be Light | Hillsong Worship

Anthems of faith in times of challenges are like sparks of light in places of darkness. And in this album, it gives exactly that. It speaks of Jesus, the light of the world, in lyrically beautiful songs fitted with stirring melodies. Have this album play on as you reflect on God’s word and immerse in His presence.

*The first five albums in this list are already available in iTunes and Spotify. Hillsong Worship’s ‘Let There Be Light’ is currently for pre-order (official release date is October 14). Click here to preview all the songs in their album.

*All six albums are now available on iTunes and Spotify. Enjoy! (Updated Oct.14, 2016)