BOOKMARK | Young, Equipped & Empowered

Oh to be young! A girl’s teenage years are important moments in forming her character. This is a precious period in one’s life to discover who she is called to be. In more than ten years of my life ministering to young women, I realize that there is a deep need to get them equipped for life. Beyond the walls of the university and the comforts of home lies a world that would challenge their values and convictions. And what better way to prepare and equip them than the word of God.

For this batch of bookmark recos, here are three sites that seek to encourage and empower girls towards authentic Christian living:

1. A Lovely Calling

Started by 21-year old girl, this site can definitely speak to its generation. It covers topics that today’s young women may be thinking of but are afraid or embarassed to ask. I personally like particular posts that do not shy away from issues on purity and set apart living.

2. Girl Defined

Not always a fan of reading? Well this one’s a treat for you. Aside from the usual blog articles, the tag team of real life sisters Kristen and Bethany post weekly vlogs both on their website and their YouTube channel.

3. Her Binder Project

This one is a site for free resources that you can easily download, print, and use. It offers monthly devotional calendars, worksheets, and even some small group materials. You can also check out its sister site for more devo sheets.


BOOKMARK | Ladies’ List

Living in today’s online world is a lot like a treasure hunt. I’m sure you ladies would agree that most of the content these days stir more insecurity rather than confidence. You really need to search far and wide to find ‘gems’ worth reading, which is why I’m all the more glad for the following sites…

1. Set Apart Girl

I was first introduced to Set Apart Girl as an online magazine. I was in my early 20’s and felt that not a single magazine in the market really spoke to me. So when I saw this gem, it definitely felt like an answered prayer. With its main focus on Christ-centered femininity, each article is written to inspire women to live a life worthy of the cross. Beyond its pretty layout, this site has challenged me to choose convictions over compromises, to desire more of Christ, and to go for a life set apart for His glory.

TIP! You can still download some of their back issues for free on Issuu.

2. Propel Women

Purpose, passion, potential—such amazing words to include in a site’s mission. And for Propel Women, it does just that. It serves as a platform for women to be encouraged and empowered to be the person God has called them to be. It also enlists the help of godly men and women to write about leadership, family, faith, and life. Not much of a reader? Check out their videos and watch guests talk as they share their insights on a variety of topics.

TIP! Download the Propel Collective for free by signing up for an account.

3. Darling

It’s a rare thing these days to find unretouched photos of women on magazines. Thankfully, Darling is a true believer in authentic beauty. Part of their creative manifesto is to “never use Photoshop to alter women’s faces or bodies.” Instead, they choose to see women as who they are and who they could be. With articles on food, style, beauty, culture, and career, the Darling blog invites readers to discover the art of being a woman.

TIP! Darling Magazine is available here in Manila. Check out Heima for the details.


Growing up in a home where DIY is a common thing, my penchant for crafting was inevitable. I remember spending hours sketching, painting, or simply looking for stuff to make. And although I no longer spend as much time on it these days, I’m always on the look out for ideas that would feed my creative appetite.

Here are three sites to check to get you feeling crafty:

1. Lovely Indeed

First of all, can I just say that I’m totally crushing on their site design and layout 😍 Having those pops of colors over that crisp white background is such a delight to the eyes—a great way to get your inspiration started! If you have a liking for all things cute and colorful, their DIY projects will surely get to you.

2. Paper & Stitch

With projects that are both pretty and quirky, Paper & Stitch is definitely a catch for all you cool crafters. Aside from paint and paper DIYs, it also has tutorials on how to amp up your nail art game. Want more? Get your regular dose of inspiration with their ‘DIYs To Try This Weekend’ which feature ideas from other sites and blogs.

3. Crème de la Craft

If you’re the type who prefers to use existing stuff at home for crafts, this one is for you. Crème de la Craft’s philosophy of ‘DIY projects made from everyday objects’ also makes it easier for beginners to start their craft journey. From cereal box to shoe box, duct tapes to nail polish, this site will show you how to make the most from everyday things.

Oh, and an additional tip: follow them on Pinterest & Instagram for more DIY, craft, and design inspirations.