THE GARDEN | Kari Jobe

When you’re coming from a season that seems like a forty-year journey in the wilderness, a lush garden is more than a welcome sight. This is precisely what Kari Jobe’s new album is like… a refreshing space filled with the beautiful promise of God’s faithfulness. So go ahead, soak yourself in this album and be lovingly reminded that He is at work in every season.

Sounds like… gentle drops of spring rain

Makes me want to… cuddle up with a fluffy blanket as I sit by the window and read my bible

With lyrics like…

The sound that shakes the heavens
The whisper on the wind
Breaks my inhibitions and settles me within
The mystery, You’re closer than my skin
Your still, small voice moving me again

In my favorite tracks such as… Speak To Me, I Will Sing, Let Your Glory Fall


‘The Garden’ is available on iTunes and Spotify.

To know more about Kari Jobe and her music, check out


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