HERE I SURRENDER | Highlands Worship

If you’re on the look out for something new for your quiet time, here’s a suggestion. This album is a collection of 13 tracks with modest musical arrangements amidst unabashed lyrics of surrender and adoration. The team’s calm vocals usher its listeners to a moment of simply worshiping God and enjoying His presence.

Sounds like… a soundtrack that goes with your weekly devotional 

Makes me want to… do my quiet time by the window, with a cup of tea in hand, while watching the rain fall

With lyrics like…

So I will look to You Lord where my help comes from

I’ll approach Your throne of grace

Hands held high and unashamed

You saved me, You made a way

Here I see You face to face

In my favorite tracks such as… Throne of Grace, Here I Surrender, Place of Freedom

Want to catch a glimpse of their worship sesh? Here’s an acoustic version of their title track ‘Here I Surrender’


‘Here I Surrender’ is available on iTunes and Spotify

To know more about Highlands Worship, check out


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