BOOKMARK | Young, Equipped & Empowered

Oh to be young! A girl’s teenage years are important moments in forming her character. This is a precious period in one’s life to discover who she is called to be. In more than ten years of my life ministering to young women, I realize that there is a deep need to get them equipped for life. Beyond the walls of the university and the comforts of home lies a world that would challenge their values and convictions. And what better way to prepare and equip them than the word of God.

For this batch of bookmark recos, here are three sites that seek to encourage and empower girls towards authentic Christian living:

1. A Lovely Calling

Started by 21-year old girl, this site can definitely speak to its generation. It covers topics that today’s young women may be thinking of but are afraid or embarassed to ask. I personally like particular posts that do not shy away from issues on purity and set apart living.

2. Girl Defined

Not always a fan of reading? Well this one’s a treat for you. Aside from the usual blog articles, the tag team of real life sisters Kristen and Bethany post weekly vlogs both on their website and their YouTube channel.

3. Her Binder Project

This one is a site for free resources that you can easily download, print, and use. It offers monthly devotional calendars, worksheets, and even some small group materials. You can also check out its sister site for more devo sheets.


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