30 Q & A

A few days ago, I asked people to send in their questions and I promised I’d pick 30 to answer them on the blog. The questions I received are pretty diverse so I decided to set them in order of their cluster. And since there’s 30 of them, I try to keep my answers short. So here goes my first ever batch of Q & A…

1. Black or white?

White. I like how it always looks bright, fresh and clean. (But black clothes really help make us look slimmer so… a bit torn here).

2. Coffee or tea?

I prefer coffee, since it packs a stronger punch to keep me awake 😬

3. Hot or cold?

Cold. I live in a tropical climate where it’s hot almost all the time, which is probably why I prefer cold in general. Cold coffee, cold shower, cold temperature.

4. Cats or dogs?

This is hard, both are really cute. But I have to say, I choose cats… in honor of my two dear pets that I’ve lost too soon. I miss you Susie and Cutie Pie 🐱

5. McDo or Jollibee?

Jollibeeeee!!! Come on! Have you seen his latest dance moves? He looks absolutely cute with his chubby cheeks and bouncy tummy. Other reasons? I got two for you. Chickenjoy. Jolly Spaghetti. *boom*

6. Star Wars or Star Trek?

I choose Star Wars mainly because I’m more familiar with its story. So fret not Trekkers, I’m open to know more about Spock, Kirk, and whatever your galaxy has to offer.

7. Team Cap or Team Iron Man?

Not really a fan of both, but for this round I pick Team Cap mainly because of Chris Evans.

8. Do you feel any pressure right now?

I’m about to answer questions I don’t really know if I can answer. So yes, I do feel pressure right now.

9. What was your answer to “what do you want to be when you grow up”?

Depends on what age it was asked. I remember having a variety of careers I wanted to try. Here are some: queen of England, a knight of the round table, a doctor, a policewoman, an archeologist, a historian, a theater actress.

10. How does it feel to be 30?

It feels exciting in a way. It feels like a milestone year for me, like it’s a new season to experience. It’s only been a few days since my birthday, so I’ll let you know more in my next posts 😉

11. How can we stay fit and healthy?

Uhm, I seriously doubt if I’m the right person to ask about it. But I guess hydration is always good. Drink lots of water, eat your fruits and veggies, get enough sleep, and…. what else? Oh yeah, exercise! Sorry, so not used to this word 😅

12. How can we study effectively?

This will depend on what kind of learner you are. There are 3 main types: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Identify which one you are so you can adapt your study strategies to it (whether that’s writing key words, underlining phrases, reading out loud, drawing an idea map, or doing combinations of these, etc). Also, see to it that the area where you are studying is conducive for your learning session. Keep your area clean and well-lit.

13. What keeps you up at night?

Either a deadline or a really exciting idea. Sometimes it’s the sound of off-key videoke singers belting it out till 3 am.

14. What excites you to wake up in the morning?

A really yummy breakfast buffet. Ehem, bacon 😋

15. Do you have a weird celebrity crush? Who is it?

First of all, I didn’t know there are weird and non-weird classifications of celebrity crushes. Second, I’m not sure if my happy crush is considered a legit celebrity. His name is Zack and he’s on the show Tiny House Nation. He’s the one designing and building the tiny homes. 

16. Who do you want Tom Hiddleston to date instead of Taylor Swift?

In case you’re for the Tay-Tom love team, don’t hate. Calm yourselves. This is just a hypothetical question. My first answer was Gal Gadot (I could already imagine the headline in the DC-Marvel world: “Wonder Woman Just Got Loki” 😂). Turned out she’s already married, so next answer would be Emma Stone. She’s fun, she’s witty, and she’s pretty. Or how about fellow Brit Emilia Clarke, a.k.a. Khaleesi? She’s fierce, she’s hot, and she has dragons! What do you say Tom?

17. What do you like most about living in the Philippines?

The food!!! Adobo, sinigang, kaldereta, sisig, bulalo, kare-kare… pork, chicken, beef, seafood… we have lots of yummy dishes. Plus the abundance of fresh fruits!

18. If you can ba a citizen of any country (except the Philippines), where would it be and why?

UK! I’ve always dreamt of living in a cottage in the English countryside and exploring the Scottish highlands. And who knows, maybe one day I will 😊

19. Why did God put humans on earth only and not on other planets?

I don’t really know. This is one interesting and challenging question. But the thing is, only God can answer it. He is the one who created everything after all. But if God chooses not to answer you at this point, remember that He is still God and He is sovereign.

20. Why are there times that God would ask us to withdraw from ministry?

Hmmm, from my experience this happens when I get unaligned with God… usually when ministry becomes a greater priority than God himself. If you’re in this situation right now, I strongly encourage you to seek God more in prayer and devotion.

21. How can you reach out to someone who doesn’t believe in God?

Continue to love them with the love of Christ. We might have the purest intentions to reach out to them and lead them to God, but at the end of the day our job is not to convert them or change them. Love them, be there for them, pray for them. Let God do the rest. (As Paul would say in 1 Corinthians, people can plant and water the seeds, but only God can make them grow).

22. Is your life now what you expected it to be?

No. But I guess that’s the beauty of it. Life continues to unfold its surprises. It takes us beyond what we thought we wanted and brings us to where we need to be.

23. If you weren’t an OrCom graduate, what would have been your major?

Fine Arts, most probably. During our college application season, I listed Fine Arts as an option. However, I didn’t get the memo that I would have to take another exam to get in. A family friend said I could still appeal to the university for it, but I decided not to do so anymore. Few weeks later, I confirmed my slot as an OrCom student in UP.

24. How to wait patiently?

Breathe in, breathe out. Keep calm. I think that two of the challenges in waiting is boredom and lack of control. To fight boredom, get proactive. Don’t just wait passively. Accomplish other things while you wait. As a quote I once read says, “if you can’t do the things you would, do the things you could.” If lack of control is your main challenge, I think the best antidote to this is surrender. Yes, surrender the uncontrollable to the one who is in control—God. Hang in there, girl. You’ll be alright!

25. What is love?

Love is a choice. It’s beyond emotion and attraction. It’s not just about saying things but actually living it out. “This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.” – 1 John 4:11

26. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

Hmm… need to be a bit more poetic here. Ok game!… I love thee beyond rhyme and reason. I love thee despite time and distance. I love thee with forgiveness and grace. I love thee more than my heart could bear. I love thee, and I will choose to do so everyday.

27. Kailan ba talaga ang tamang panahon?

Ang tamang panahon ay hindi nakasalalay sa ating kagustuhan lamang, hindi din kung kailan pakiramdam natin na tayo ay handa na. Ang tamang panahon ay nakasalalay sa dakilang tagapag-takda nito.

28. Naniniwala ka ba sa forever?

Oo naman! I believe there is forever, because as the Book of Psalms says—God’s love endures forever 😍

29. Where do broken hearts go?

To the nearest 7eleven to get some ice cream? Or maybe they go to the broken hearts camp where they bond with their fellow hearts and eat roasted marshmallows by the bonfire? Kidding. I guess they just go to a deeper part of you, taking its time to heal and pick up the pieces.

30. How to be you po?

Too much laugh from this question, couldn’t answer anymore 😂


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