Normally, I would advise myself not to write anything when I’m emotional. But this time, I’d like to make an exception. The past few days have been pretty full. Here’s a quick rundown: send-off trip, bridal shower, despedida session, wedding. It all happened so close to each other, it took some time for me to process everything—which explains why I’m only writing about it now.

Let me start by stating the obvious: I am a clingy friend. It is a well-acknowledged truth within my close circle that I am that kind of friend. And although this is not the first time that a friend got married or moved to another country, this is the first time it happened within the same week. So maybe that explains, in a way, why I feel a deeper sense of sadness. I guess that’s just how it is with events like these. There’s that pang of separation which causes that tear-inducing emotion because it’s like saying goodbye. And in a way, we do say goodbye. But it’s not all goodbyes.

This reminded me of that one word Hawaii is known for: ALOHA. It’s a word used for both hello and goodbye. And as I pondered more about it, the more appreciate it. Aloha, for me, reflects that cycle of life wherein one thing starts as another one ends…and vice versa. As one season ends, another begins. One says goodbye to singlehood and says hello to married life. One says goodbye to old memories in Manila and says hello to new adventures in Japan.


The word aloha also means love and peace, which I think is very apt as we greet someone hello or bid them goodbye in their new season. It’s like sending them off with your warm affection; letting them know that wherever life takes them, your love goes along with them.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is… Aloha, my dear friends ❤️


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