AS FAMILY WE GO | Rend Collective

Anything folk gets my ears’ attention these days, and this album is no exception. Straight from Northern Ireland, Rend Collective’s joyful combination of music and lyrics is spiritually engaging. The band itself is more like a community of creatives who jumped on the adventure of creating songs that promote passion for believers.

Sounds like… your cool neighbors jamming with you during worship

That makes me want to… sing and dance around the bonfire with a banjo

With lyrics like…

Love stronger than the grave, love rolled the stone away

Rising with endless majesty

Love takes us by the hand, love is the wildest dance

You are the joy and fight in me

In my favorite tracks such as… You Will Never Run, Every Giant Will Fall, Joy Of The Lord

Watch this video to know more about the story behind the album (plus it shows off the majestic Irish coast line, yey!)


‘As Family We Go’ is available on iTunes and Spotify

To know more about Rend Collective, check out


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