LIVE AT THE BANKS HOUSE | Will Reagan & United Pursuit

The first time I heard Will Reagan and United Pursuit singing ‘Set a Fire’ a couple of years back, I think I froze. I couldn’t believe my ears. Could a few words being sung over and over again really move me? Well this one definitely did, just as the other songs in the album would.

The album was first launched in November 2010, while a deluxe version was released in September 2013. ‘Live at the Banks House’ is the product of a 2-day weekend recording in a living room filled with young men and women pouring their hearts out to God. The album contains 10 tracks embedded with unpretentious lyrics and folk-infused melodies. And with Will Reagan’s vocals on lead, you can’t help but be drawn in to the heart of every song—desiring for more of God.

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 2.47.13 PM

Sounds like… a heart pounding hard, desiring and crying out for more of God

That makes me want to… have my quiet time right now, like seriously right now

With lyrics like…

I don’t wanna ride on somebody else’s passion

I don’t wanna find that I am just dry bones

I wanna burn with unquenchable fire deep down inside see it coming alive

Help me find my own flame, help me find my own fire,

I want the real thing, I want Your burning desire

In my favorite tracks such as… Help Me Find My Own Flame, Set A Fire


‘Live at the Banks House’ is available on iTunes and Spotify

To know more about Will Reagan & United Pursuit, check out


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