Finals week is here and I really need to start reviewing for tomorrow’s exam. It was a long day already doing stuff for work so before I jumped into my study session, I decided to take a breather at our balcony to get some fresh air and see the sunset. But when I got there, I realized I was just looking down at the busy street—watching people walk and cars pass by. Then a gentle nudge inside me prompted me to look up, and I did. Only then did I get to see and appreciate this view…

This picture does not even come close to how beautiful it really is.

As I watched the sun’s reflection glisten in the still waters, it dawned on me that sometimes I have the tendency to do just that: to look down and miss the bigger picture. However, God reminded me to look up. And when I did, I couldn’t help but shed some tears because it made me remember who He is. The majestic display of His splendor reminded me that He is sovereign. Who else could command the sun to come down? Who else could roll away the clouds? Who else could cast a fusion of colors in the sky? Who else could direct the winds? No one else but the Almighty One.

It may just be an ordinary sunset, but this sight to me was something much more. It’s an affirmation and an encouragement to take heart because God is in control… and that my whole being rests on that truth. Seeing the sunset also helped me realize that sometimes before one thing begins, something has to end. Just like a day, tomorrow can not happen unless today becomes yesterday. Oh the wonders of your revelations!

That glorious sunset was right before me and I almost missed it. How about you?

Don’t miss out, look up!


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