The month of March hit me with warm sweat and a whole lot of hot weather. Gone were the days of cool mornings and holiday breeze. Now it’s starting to feel like summer.

Ah, summer! Sky, sun, and sea. And what better way to beat the heat than to take a dip in cool crystal waters. There’s just something so calming and refreshing with water, wouldn’t you agree?


For me, water is much like God’s presence. In Him, there is stillness and serenity. I realized that the best way to enjoy His presence is not to simply tip-toe and get a few splashes, but to be fully submerged in it. And when you’re in the water, you don’t have to struggle to stay afloat… His very presence will do that for you. So bask in the water and enjoy the swim, with the soft and gentle motion of your arms and legs.

I believe that God is calling us from the shore into the open ocean—where we can experience first-hand that His love is deep and His grace is unending. What a beautiful sight! But if we’re just standing by the shore, this amazing and unfathomable mystery of His presence will seem unreal.

So my encouragement for us is this:
Let us not be afraid of what we do not know or what we do not understand. Take a step forward where your feet will meet the sea. He is calling out your name.
Photo Credit: Death to Stock

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