As I was browsing through my files from my old laptop, I saw a folder full of documents containing literary pieces I wrote years ago. This one is written more than five years ago (November 12, 2009 to be exact) during a season of deep searching for what I want in life. And as I read it again today, I felt that familiar confirmation in my heart that this is still what I desire. It’s a desire so deep, so vast, so great…that only One can satisfy it.


The feeling’s too strong, it’s undeniable.

I crave, I thirst, I hunger for the Living God

Your will, Your purpose, I long to know;

I desire to hear nothing but Your voice.

Your truth o Lord sets me free from the enemy’s snare.

May my hope not be dampened, may it ever stay still;

strong and unwavering in the currents by the shore.

Call upon Your servant to your throne;

let me lay bare all my fears and dreams,

let my inmost cries be heard in the presence of my King –

for before You Lord I am naked, I am exposed.

With me I can bring nothing, only my faith to believe

that only You can cure me of this.

– JBV, 2009 –


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