Hi! My name is Jas and I’m really excited to finally start this blog and share it with you.

As you stumble upon this page, you’re probably wondering what’s this blog all about. Understandably so, which is why I got here for you a couple of things to get you acquainted with jaswritten.


Written Thoughts

Most of what I’ll be sharing are snippets of things that run through my head—things that get me thinking, things that make me dream, things that ignite my passion, things that rise me to action. This could also be ideas that intrigue me or questions that keep me awake at night or reflections on situations that I encounter. And who knows, maybe these thoughts are running in your head too 🙂

Photographed Views

I’m a visual person and I definitely appreciate the power of a photograph. That’s why, in this blog, I’ll also be sharing photos of people, places, food, and other things that help drive the point of what I want to say.


Long before I started this blog, I’d ask myself why I wanted it anyway. What will be its purpose? And as I reflected on it, three things came to mind: encouragement, inspiration, and laughter.

Everyone can use an encouragement, especially when days are filled with challenges and frustrations. It helps keep us going when we know that somewhere out there, someone somehow understands what we’re going through. Sometimes, we just need something positive that can inspire us to believe again. And of course, we could all use a little laughter (or maybe even more).

So, there you go. Reader, meet blog… Blog, meet reader.

Looking forward to spill more thoughts on my next post. Toodles!


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